15, May, 2024

How to: Mapping Drives on a Mac System in a Windows Environment.

This will give you a walk through on how to Map shared drives on a Mac System in a Windows AD Environment.

Step 1:

On to Top Bar (Go > Connect to Server …)

Step 2:

A Pop up Screen will appear In the Address Bar Enter : (smb://ServerName/ShareName) example: (smb://DC1/Software) the click on the (+) Key to Save it

Step 3:

This Pop-Up will show how it is attempting to Connect to the Shared Folder

Step 4:

In the Name: Domain\Username, in the Password: Password. Also, Tick Remember this Password in my Keychain

Step 5:

Go to Finder > Preferences

Step 6:

Check that Connected to Server and Hard Disk are Check so Shared Folders are on the Desktop

This will give yourself and other user’s the visual aid of the file shares but also help keep Mac Users and Systems connected and backing up the the File Server.