27, Jan, 2020

Have you seen or been in an office with a disgusting and eye scratching design? Savoury treat dispensers in conference rooms. Hammocks and indoor treehouses. Tech companies tend to be the worst offenders with the startup favourites: beer taps and table tennis. Maybe there is fun for a moment when the candy […]

Looking for an antivirus package for your home machines that won’t cost the earth and doesn’t nag you all the time to upgrade? Then you need to take a look at the new Sophos Home service. This new product brings commercial-grade security to the home users – both Windows and Mac – […]

IT professionals and business owners alike tend to believe that the public cloud is, by default, cheaper than on-premises deployments. Hold, it one moment: While that’s true of some implementations, it’s not universal. As there are loads of costs that are hidden or just pop up at you as a […]