20, Jun, 2024

Being an Expat.

Being an Expat can be awesome but also extremely dangerous.

Becoming an Expat and moving abroad is an awesome opportunity and experience. So many new insights, sounds, and adventures, but also a dark and gloomy side.

The reality is that when moving abroad, even on an ex-pat package, life may seem glamorous from afar, but many ex-pats experience loneliness, anxiety, and sadness due to missing out on things back home. Common triggers include missing the weddings of close friends and other important events, depression, and culture-shock in their new homes. It’s easy to talk about all the new and exciting parts of moving, but most people do not disclose the actual hardships and “downs” that they feel when moving.

One of the things I have witnessed being an Expat, in Asia is a lot falling and becoming victim to alcoholism and masking their depression and not willing to open up to receive any kind of help.

So to avoid alcoholism and to stay on a healthy path here are a few recommendations I have come up with to help any new Expat.

1. Take the time to learn about the Culture of the country you will be living in

2. Attend local gatherings, most of these will be posted on Facebook, or on Event Meet-up Forums

3. Don’t give up your hobbies, join a local gym, or club to continue your favorite activist

4. Sign-up for night school, and learn the language. If you’re in Asia learn Mandarin, or Malay, Indonesian, Korean, or Japans

5. Join an Expat club.

And Finally, a good Quote to follow, when you are living abroad.

“When in Rome do as the Romans”.