15, May, 2024

Did you know remote workers are performing 100% better than office workers!!

Have you seen or been in an office with a disgusting and eye scratching design? Savoury treat dispensers in conference rooms. Hammocks and indoor treehouses. Tech companies tend to be the worst offenders with the startup favourites: beer taps and table tennis.

Maybe there is fun for a moment when the candy bar drops — but does all that money spent on gimmicks deliver anything meaningful for the people who work there?

I always seemed to wonder why company founders are trying so hard with these “perks.” I get that the goal is to create collaboration and fun. In communication with my Fellow Tech colleagues and personal view, I think this is doing more harm than good.

Its funny enough, that in recent research. It has shown that the problem is only getting worse. In fact, one study conducted and published by
Harvard Business Review and authored by the Christine Congdon, Donna Flynn, and Melanie Redman. They had found that the number of people who say they cannot concentrate at their desk has increased by 16% since 2008. Also startling: The number of workers who say they do not have access to quiet places to do focused work is up by 13 %.

It should not matter where people are getting the work done — as long as they are focused and working hard each day. With this in can understand the reasons why I call myself Digital Nomad. For those of you who don’t know what a Digital Nomad is, It is a person who works remotely from anywhere they can, with access to all corporate services to de a productive employee. As organization transition to a digital platform. More and More Corporate services are moving to a SaaS model (Software as a Service) platform. We can see that this trend is fastest-growing and many companies are implementing this kind of software around the world.

Some great examples of SaaS-based software I like to use and 95% of all organization that have made the move forward in the Digital Trend. Office 365 Online, ServiceNow, SAP on the Cloud, BudgetMaestro, NetSuite, and many others. I’m aware that I don’t think alone in this belief. Plenty of studies and surveys show the power of remote work when it comes to productivity.

Here are three reasons remote workers outperform office workers:

1. Productivity

With no office distractions and greater autonomy, remote workers have the freedom to get more done. This is something most people crave.

2. Presence

Office life is littered with absences — workers who are calling in sick or sneaking out early to run an errand or get to an event on time. But remote workers do not need to make excuses. Since they are not tied to an office, they can design their workday.

3. Time Response

When working in an Office Enviroment, it is hard to do business on an International Scale. Whith workers having the ability to travel and work remotly. They can facuilitate call’s and meetings from anywhere, aslong as their is an Internet Connection.

These are just three of the reasons that I say the most effective workers are the ones who do not work in an office. Remote workers are able deliever the best kind of results for most employeers, while enjoying time with family. All why making the work they do meaningful work and feeling happy and de-stressed while doing it. 

What is your thoughts on Remote Workers?

Do you think its effective?